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Montblanc Outlet Captures The Beauty Of Glaciers In Icy-Cool Collection

Inspired by the majesty and beauty of the Mont Blanc massif glaciers and iced lakes, the Montblanc Glacier collection is a breath of fresh air.

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A source of inspiration for the Montblanc brand since its inception, the Mont Blanc peak towers high above all other mountains in Europe. This wonder of monumental proportions is also home to glaciers and iced lakes with ice of captivating beauty that have inspired a selection of products featuring distinctive ice designs, across multiple categories.

“Gazing into the depths of this Alpine ice is an incredible experience that we wanted to bring to our products, finding a creative way to create that same sense of awe and wonder,” explained Marco Tomasetta, creative director of Montblanc.

Marco Tomasetta, creative director of Montblanc

“These pieces don’t just emulate the aesthetic appeal of the icy texture but celebrate these glaciers and iced lakes by expressing the spirit of adventure the Mont Blanc inspires in everyone; a spirit that is core to Montblanc’s own attitude towards exploration and the preservation of the great outdoors”

Tomasetta, who hails from fashion houses such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and, most recently, Givenchy, said in a recent press statement announcing his appointment as creative director of Montblanc, “I am looking forward to collaborating the team to chart a new creative vision for the brand that bridges icons like the Meisterstück with new design concepts across product categories that will appeal to this new ‘Montblanc Luxury Business-Lifestyle’ mindset.”

The creative director has successfully followed through on his plan by breaking with the traditional monochromatic code of Montblanc and launching the distinctively contemporary, cool and sporty Glacier collection. Discover the highlights below.